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Here you can find everything you need for needlefelting, including my popular book Needlefelting Magic, kitsets, NZ corriedale and merino wool, felting needles, foam blocks etc


I am excited to announce that I have opened my new Etsy shop, and many of these products are available there, with instant payment options and the shipping costs already worked out for you. To browse through my Etsy shop, just click on the link below:


I am excited to introduce these new 40 gauge Spiral felting needles. They have a twist in the needle, with barbs on each edge. This allows the needle to both felt and twist the fibres as you use it, making the felting process so much faster. It will felt both at the surface and underneath the surface. You can work fine detail with these needles, and they leave almost no hole, allowing you to achieve a very smooth surface.

You will find these needles with my other needles on my Supplies page, please click on the link below:

Felting Needles

Amazing Addiquick Needle Felting Tool!

Supercharge your needle felting!

With the patented AddiQuick felting tool, made in Germany, you can felt in the blink of an eye compared to manual felting. This turbo felting machine is easy to use for both beginners and experienced felters. It is a small, hand-held machine somewhat larger than a pen, with a removable power cord plugged in the top end.

The Addiquick will revolutionise the way in which you approach your felting. Instead of the normal up-down motion used with manual needlefelting, you can hold it like a pen and simply glide it across your work. The Addiquick boasts a rapid needle insertion rate of 2,500 strokes per minute. Incredible!!!

Click on the link below which will take you to my Addiquick page, where you can see more information and a demonstration video.

Addiquick Needle Felting Tool

These photos show you some of the incredible felting that has been created using the AddiQuick tool. The dragon on the left is the creation of Jessica von der Flecht, the inventor of the Addiquick tool. The face of Abraham Lincoln was made by Richard Hanna. You can see more from both these felt artists on the AddiQuick page.


The revised edition of my second needle felting book, "The Ashford Book of Needlefelting", is now available. I am sure you will enjoy the projects in this book, as it covers much more than teddybears (although there is still one cute little teddybear to make as well).

The 3-D sculpted items go from simple to advanced, including working with a wire frame. There are also lots of flat-felted designs, once again starting with very easy and taking you through to a high level of competence to enable you to 'paint' detailed pictures with your felting needle. My favourite picture is the Mother & Baby, which is in the Gallery section and taken from a photo of my daughter and baby granddaughter.

Click on the link below which will take you to the Ashford Book of Needlefelting page, where you can see some preview pictures and place your order.

The Ashford Book of Needlefelting


As used in the Ashford Book of Needlefelting

I am pleased to announce that I now stock Washaway fabric, for those of you who are using my book "The Ashford Book of Needlefelting".

Washaway was used throughout the book for all the flat felting projects and some people may find it hard to get hold of in normal fabric shops. Washaway allows you to draw your design on it, then felt over the design, and when you have finished, a simple rinse in warm water will dissolve the washaway.


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PATTERNS AVAILABLE Due to many requests I have now made my kitsets available as patterns only. So if you already have all those supplies but would like the instructions on my bears and animals, now is your chance. The pattern option is available under each kitset option.Click here

My first book, the ever popular NEEDLE FELTING MAGIC is available from this website, and also from shops and websites around the world, including England, USA, Australia and South Africa, as well as some shops here in New Zealand.

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